You can start the Gearpump service in a single JVM(local mode), or in a distributed cluster(cluster mode). To start the cluster in local mode, you can use the local /local.bat helper scripts, it is very useful for developing or troubleshooting.

Below are the steps to start a Gearpump service in Local mode:

Step 1: Get your Gearpump binary ready

To get your Gearpump service running in local mode, you first need to have a Gearpump distribution binary ready. Please follow this guide to have the binary.

Step 2: Start the cluster

You can start a local mode cluster in single line

## start the master and 2 workers in single JVM. The master will listen on 3000
## you can Ctrl+C to kill the local cluster after you finished the startup tutorial.

NOTE: You may need to execute chmod +x bin/* in shell to make the script file local executable.

NOTE: You can change the default port by changing config gearpump.cluster.masters in conf/gear.conf.

NOTE: Change the working directory. Log files by default will be generated under current working directory. So, please "cd" to required working directly before running the shell commands.

NOTE: Run as Daemon. You can run it as a background process. For example, use nohup on Linux.

Step 3: Start the Web UI server

Open another shell,


You can manage the applications in UI or by Command Line tool. The default username and password is "admin:admin", you can check UI Authentication to find how to manage users.