Prepare the binary

You can either download pre-build release package or choose to build from source code.

Download Release Binary

If you choose to use pre-build package, then you don't need to build from source code. The release package can be downloaded from:

Download page

Build from Source code

If you choose to build the package from source code yourself, you can follow these steps:

1). Clone the Gearpump repository

git clone

cd gearpump

2). Build package

## Please use scala 2.11
## The target package path: output/target/
sbt clean assembly packArchiveZip

After the build, there will be a package file generated under output/target/ folder.

NOTE: Please set JAVA_HOME environment before the build.

On linux:

export JAVA_HOME={path/to/jdk/root/path}

On Windows:

set JAVA_HOME={path/to/jdk/root/path}

NOTE: The build requires network connection. If you are behind an enterprise proxy, make sure you have set the proxy in your env before running the build commands. For windows:

set HTTP_PROXY=http://host:port
set HTTPS_PROXY= http://host:port

For Linux:

export HTTP_PROXY=http://host:port
export HTTPS_PROXY= http://host:port

Gearpump package structure

You need to flatten the .zip file to use it. On Linux, you can


After decompression, the directory structure looks like picture 1.


Under bin/ folder, there are script files for Linux(bash script) and Windows(.bat script).

script function
local You can start the Gearpump cluster in single JVM(local mode), or in a distributed cluster(cluster mode). To start the cluster in local mode, you can use the local /local.bat helper scripts, it is very useful for developing or troubleshooting.
master To start Gearpump in cluster mode, you need to start one or more master nodes, which represent the global resource management center. master/master.bat is launcher script to boot the master node.
worker To start Gearpump in cluster mode, you also need to start several workers, with each worker represent a set of local resources. worker/worker.bat is launcher script to start the worker node.
services This script is used to start backend REST service and other services for frontend UI dashboard (Default user "admin, admin").

Please check Command Line Syntax for more information for each script.