The commands can be found at: "bin" folder of Gearpump binary.

NOTE: on MS Windows platform, please use window shell gear.bat script instead. bash script doesn't work well in cygwin/mingw.

Creating an uber-jar

If you use Maven you can have a look here whereas SBT users may find this useful.

Submit an new application

You can use the command gear under the bin directory to submit, query and terminate an application:

gear app [-namePrefix <application name prefix>] [-executors <number of executors to launch>] [-conf <custom gearpump config file>] -jar xx.jar MainClass <arg1> <arg2> ...

List all running applications

To list all running applications:

gear info  [-conf <custom gearpump config file>]

Kill a running application

To kill an application:

gear kill -appid <application id>  [-conf <custom gearpump config file>]

Submit a storm application to Gearpump Cluster

For example, to submit a storm application jar:

storm -verbose -config storm.yaml -jar storm-starter-${STORM_VERSION}.jar storm.starter.ExclamationTopology exclamation

Storm Compatibility Guide

Start Gearpump Cluster on YARN

To start a Gearpump Cluster on YARN, you can:

yarnclient launch -package /usr/lib/gearpump/

/usr/lib/gearpump/ should be available on HDFS.

Please check YARN Deployment Guide for more information.

Start a local cluster

Masters and workers will be started in one machine:


Check Deployment Guide for Local Cluster for more information.

Start master daemons

master -ip <Ip address> -port <port where this master is hooking>

Please check Deployment for Standalone mode for more information.

Start worker daemons


Please check Deployment for Standalone mode for more information.

Start UI server

To start UI server, you can:

services  [-master <host:port>]

The default username and password is "admin:admin", you can check UI Authentication to find how to manage users.